Color Your Gumbo Experience!

One of the best things about working on this podcast was also getting to write the accompanying novel and illustrate many of the mysterious moments from “A Mysterious Gumbo, The Sinister Muck.”

I am very excited that I get to combine so many of the things I love in one project!

Here’s a sneak peek (below) at one of the illustrations from the upcoming book. I will have more details on the books as we release the next few chapters of the podcast.

The schedule is pretty simple and easy to remember: We will launch a new chapter each and every first and third Thursday of the month! If you subscribe, it automatically lets you know when the new shows appear. How cool is that?

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Illustration from the first book!
Illustration from the first book!

One thought on “Color Your Gumbo Experience!

  1. Reminds me of listening to radio shows w/ my grandmother in the early 70s. She was paralyzed & didn’t watch tv so I would lay in bed w/ her n listen to her radio programs.
    Amazing job

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